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Why it’s so important to keep your solar panels clean 

When light particles, or photons, hit a solar panel they knock electrons free from atoms and generate a flow of electricity. This flow of electricity is solar power. Therefore, the more light that hits your solar panels, the more efficient your investment. 
Being positioned at an upward angle on roofs, solar panels are notoriously prone to build ups of bird droppings and general dirt; marks that are too stubborn to wash off during rainfall. The shadows caused by this dirt reduce solar panel efficiency by preventing light penetrating the solar cells and hindering their output. 

Optimum performance from your solar panel 

Solar panel manufacturers predict energy figures according to the optimum performance of clean and well maintained panels. In failing to ensure your solar farm or roof panels are cleaned and monitored professionally, you are decreasing the value of your initial solar investment. Not only will regular solar panel cleaning improve your solar panel efficiency, but also help make the most of the government feed-in tariff. 

Keep your solar panels clean 

The benefits of cleaning solar panels may have only recently been discovered in the UK, but many parts of the world have been acknowledging them for many years. Research conducted by American experts suggests that solar panel cleaning is not necessary in all areas of America due to their varied climate. In the UK however, it was proved that in order to achieve maximum solar panel output, regular cleaning is essential. 



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